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Satoru is the protagonist of Shadow of the Road.


Satoru was a samurai active during the Boshin war in feudal Japan. He dedicated all his life to serving his master, Mochitsugu, almost blindly following all his commands. Satoru had no family, he didn't start his own either. The fall of his master brought him dishonor. During the battle at Toba-Fushimi, Satoru was saved by Akira who subsequently became his closest friend.

This event was a huge influence on their lives. Since then they both became ronins with no purpose, no money and no future. It seemed like Satoru no longer had a place in this world. However, it all changed when a certain young boy crossed his path, suddenly surprising him with a crossroad he never assumed he would have to face.


A ronin, samurai without a master. Tall, muscular but not bulky. Efficient in combat. Experienced in battle. Quiet, professional. Uses double swords.

Motives & Ambitions[]

Satoru wants to regain his honour and become samurai once again. He doesn't know if it is possible, tries to find a way. Subconsciously wants to start his own family, become a father. Despite all the odds against him - he seems to be still motivated to find his own way.